When we say your feline friend of the house should be left alone, we do not mean that you’re now going to abandon her and let her fend for herself. What we mean is the following. Your feline, furry friend is really a solitary creature. She needs her space, no matter how small she is in your mind’s eye. She’s also a very independent-minded animal, no matter how much she depends on you for her daily meals and comfy blankets and TV time companionship.

By doting and stroking her all day long is just going to give her the heebie jeebies. You’re going to frustrate her to no end. And while her bushy, hair-raised tail is down, she’ll be taking out her frustrations on your new or antique couch. That’s got to make you mad as well. Do yourself and your cat a favor and just leave her alone. What’s going to happen is this. You can pretend that you’re ignoring her the whole time.

She’s going to become curious about this. You know what they say about curiosity killing the cat, but only in this case, you’ll be giving her more domestic life to look forward to. You’re keeping her occupied. When she’s good and ready, she’s going to come purring and sidling by you. They say dogs are men’s best friends. Cats really, are a girl’s best friend; especially if you’re living in an apartment. While you’re at work during the day, she’ll pretty much be able to keep herself busy.

She has her own chores to see to. Interrogations and inspections are a regular part of a cat’s busy day. And when her work is done, exhausted, she will happily curl up and doze herself to sleep.